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8x 2:1 Spread (1'') Thunder Tray

Unlock Speed: Play large horde armies with 5 times faster movement speed. Enable you to play
games faster than your opponent.

Seamless Fit: A tray with minimum impact on visuals and almost seamless border.

Allign & Break Formation: With units around you. Go from high density to high ground coverage with few moves.

Store Easy: Put miniatures directly from case, to battlefield and back to your case quick. Move from table to table with little hassle.

Spread Formation is for miniatures that need flexibility on the battlefield. You can both stand back-to-back by aligning the trays, and spread our with exactly 1 inch in-between models. The formation can deliver maximum density or maximum spread.

This tray is made for 25, 32 and 40 mm miniatures and fit most gaming systems.

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